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Trail Days 2015

Some Kind of Nature thing is off to Trail Days! There is no greater celebration of nature and peace than the Appalachian trail! Weather you have hiked 5 miles of it or have accomplished the entire 2,200 miles; it changes you. It brings you centered and allows you to simplify  and connect with nature. My artwork is reflective of my time spent in the woods. I don’t waste a lot of time on fine details or filling the whole page with color, simplifying and allowing you, the viewer, to complete the creation with what you see. When I think of the woods, I think of the smell of moss and the sounds of a distant creek or the harmony of birds. I hear the ruffling of leaves and tree branches moving together. All of these simple gifts nature gives to us- and if we are in too much of a hurry, we miss them. My goal as an artist is to reawaken that simplicity and love for nature that lies within us.

Trail days 2015 will begin Friday (May 15). I am very proud to say that my prints & greeting cards will be available at the Wander Trees tent. If you are festing this weekend, stop by and explore! Happy Trails!