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Introducing Some kind of Nature thing Body!

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I set out on this new adventure about a month ago to make soap. I read about it. Read some more about it. I got a few books and watched some tutorials. It seemed easy enough so I gathered all the soap making supplies ever made and started out to make soap. And it was the biggest failure ever. I burned my hands. The lye burned my nose and gave me a cough for a couple day. The essential oils blended together to make the stinkiest smell in the world. I was faced with only two options. Quit or keep trying. So I dug a little deeper into reading and watching videos and modifying my techniques and understanding how to blend oils and which ones complement each other. I played around with fragrance oils and colors and shapes and before I knew it, I was making soap. The creative process has never ever, ever, ever let me down. It teaches me so much about myself and who I am and what I am capable of. Which is, of course, anything. I am happy to present Some Kind of Nature thing Body. We have put together a collection of the finest essential oils and fragrances to bring you these unique bath bars. Each bar has something different to offer. Whether you are looking for balance, energy, relaxation or skin conditioning, we have you covered. We even thought of the adventurers out there looking to keep the bugs away. Each bar is handcrafted and one of a kind all the way down to the labels which are printed to hand painted watercolor paper. (They make the best gifts, too.) This is just the beginning of the journey, we are busy, busy, busy working on new, handmade body products. As always, I want to encourage each of you to keep daydreaming & keep creating. Makers gonna make!