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Ryan and I combined our talents and developed a new app, “Mindpnoea”. Professionally, my back ground is mental health. Personally, I believe that mindfulness is a powerful technique that can change your life. Being aware of our thoughts and being able to control them leads to balance and peace. Practicing self care and self love allows us to give ourselves to others and be a light. Ryan developed the application from my vision from start to finish.

My vision was to create a tool that will allow the user to practice mindfulness anywhere, any time. We cultivated small, two minute sessions that allows the user to fit mindfulness in to their day, as needed. We have included several life events to allow the practice to center around what is happening now. Being present and bringing awareness to one’s thoughts is the foundation of mindfulness. Mindpnoea combines positive affirmations and deep breathing exercises to hone in on mind-breath awareness and intentional thinking to affirm positive, pure thoughts. Affirmations help to strengthen and purify our thoughts; by speaking only positive thoughts to one’s self, our mind begins to restructure and believe that no thing is impossible. When one verbally affirms what they wish to manifest, the mind follows. Connecting the breath can be a valuable tool in helping to restore balance in the mind and body. MindPnoea is user friendly and guides the user throughout the exercise as they master the mindfulness practice.

-Sit in a relaxed position.
-Relax your muscles, give yourself a gentle massage or gently roll your head from side to side freeing any tension in your neck or upper back. Gently roll your shoulders.
-Begin your practice with two to three deep breaths.
-Allow your thoughts to come and go lovingly acknowledging them as they present. If you find yourself focusing too heavily on a particular thought, allow yourself to be intentional and speak only kindly to yourself. Practice forgiveness with your thoughts. Try to continue to bring your awareness to the breath.

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