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Ryan and I combined our talents and developed a new app, “Mindpnoea”. Professionally, my back ground is mental health. Personally, I believe that mindfulness is a powerful technique that can change your life. Being aware of our thoughts and being able to control them leads to balance and peace. Practicing self care and self love allows us to give ourselves to others and be a light. Ryan developed the application from my vision from start to finish.

My vision was to create a tool that will allow the user to practice mindfulness anywhere, any time. We cultivated small, two minute sessions that allows the user to fit mindfulness in to their day, as needed. We have included several life events to allow the practice to center around what is happening now. Being present and bringing awareness to one’s thoughts is the foundation of mindfulness. Mindpnoea combines positive affirmations and deep breathing exercises to hone in on mind-breath awareness and intentional thinking to affirm positive, pure thoughts. Affirmations help to strengthen and purify our thoughts; by speaking only positive thoughts to one’s self, our mind begins to restructure and believe that no thing is impossible. When one verbally affirms what they wish to manifest, the mind follows. Connecting the breath can be a valuable tool in helping to restore balance in the mind and body. MindPnoea is user friendly and guides the user throughout the exercise as they master the mindfulness practice.

-Sit in a relaxed position.
-Relax your muscles, give yourself a gentle massage or gently roll your head from side to side freeing any tension in your neck or upper back. Gently roll your shoulders.
-Begin your practice with two to three deep breaths.
-Allow your thoughts to come and go lovingly acknowledging them as they present. If you find yourself focusing too heavily on a particular thought, allow yourself to be intentional and speak only kindly to yourself. Practice forgiveness with your thoughts. Try to continue to bring your awareness to the breath.

Download MindPnoea today at

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Sometimes other artists ask me to collaborate with them. As an artist, there is no better way to grow than to blend ideas and techniques with other creatives. I have been buying Opal & Wonder candles for my home for several years now. Each candle is carefully blended with earthy, adventure inspired aromas.  I was so excited when Amber McDermid, Owner of Opal & Wonder Candles in Asheville, NC came to me about designing the labels for O&W holiday candles. Being able to talk with her about what her vision was and allowing the creative process to bring those ideas to life was a wonderful experience. The end result, seeing these creations put together on candles, was such a reward. We are happy to include them in our shop for you. We are also always up to collaborating. If you are interested in working together, drop us line at Happy Creating, friends!

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No Shave November

We are happy to introduce beard balm to our Body collection just in time for no shave November. As we slip into the season for gratitude and giving, we are mindful of all of the people and things that have brought us to where we are today. We are grateful for our abilities and opportunities. Ryan and I worked together to find the perfect blend of essential oils together to make a beard balm that was both fragrant and functional. We wanted to create a product free from chemicals & harsh fragrances. So we did. We used all natural beeswax, organic coconut oil and a blend of essential oils and tea tree oils to provide a calming, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory/anti-fungal property. It’s earthy, woodsy aroma will leave you feeling refreshed all day long.  Some kind of Nature thing Beard Balm comes conveniently packaged in a 1 ounce (a little goes a long way)  aluminium tin with sliding lid- perfect for home use or travel.  We even designed and prepared the labels ourselves making it, as always, 100% handmade. Enjoy!

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Great Smoky Mountains On Cosby Festival

We set up this weekend at the Great Smoky Mountains On Cosby Festival with Dirt Werks Clay studio. It is always such a joy to meet new creatives and share our work with the community. Collaborating with Molly of Dirt Werks has been an excellent opportunity as well. I believe in finding like minded spirits and growing from them. I am looking forward to growing Some kind of Nature thing. We will be popping up at “Little Sprouts” Fall Festival in Maryville, TN on November 14th & The Market Square Holiday Market in Knoxville, TN on December 5th. Stop by and see us. In the meantime, Our online shop is always open. Happy Creating!

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Into the Wild


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About a month ago we were driving to work. Which happens to be through the mountains, here in Tennessee. We turned a corner and there was a small black bear scurrying across the road. We stopped briefly to take a picture and watched as he scampered into the woods without any care that we had been there at all.

Since we moved into our new house in the woods, I have been taking such notice at all of the wildlife we see each day. There is a small groundhog that has made a home and several holes in our yard that we named “Diggy” and a raccoon that visits us in the middle of the night we call “Randy” We saw a corn snake that we hope moved on. I have seen more spiders than I really care to and we are teaching the girls to leave them be and not be afraid of them. There’s birds and bugs and wildflowers. I grew up in the woods and all of this was so common to me, however, I have lived “within city limits” for so long that I have seemed to have forgotten what a wonder it is to coexist with nature and all of her creatures. Being a native to the Smoky Mountains leaves some room to take seeing a black bear for granted. People come from all over the country to see the same things that I see each day. Sometimes I think it is important to take a step back and consider the magic of it all. Getting lost in the woods and smelling the forest, hearing the sounds and seeing nature untouched by “civilization” is something that has always been home to me. I feel alive in the woods and all of the weight of the world lightens as I am brought to the awareness that I am in fact quite small. The forest does not need me or my “problems” to continue to evolve. My dad and I took a hike about a month ago and as we came around the trail there was a huge rock. It was probably 500 ft tall. I walked up to it and touched it. I wondered how many people walk past it not even taking notice in their hurry to finish the hike and get on to the next moment that the day required… Lunch, work, school. And I wondered how many people stopped just like I did and felt of it captivated like it had a heartbeat and was alive.

I read a quote that said “Art is not what you see but what you make others see”. I can’t help but think about what others may see when they look at my art. I wonder if they just see a painting. An object. Or if they see a creation or a story. Something that inspires them to be alive? My true passion is creating and making. If no one cares, much like the forest, I will continue to make things. If they love my work and appreciate it, I will continue to make things.

I learn so much from nature. My hope for you is to find some time to appreciate nature yourself. To take some time to smell the wild air. Hear the river’s songs. Appreciate it and grow a little from being a part of it.

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I am currently sipping coffee, waiting for the madness of the day to take over. I have a schedule that tells me what I will be doing hour by hour for the rest of the day. At home, our belongings are packed, waiting in boxes to move to our next home. Another stop on our journey. We’ve been fortunate to find a new home nestled in the woods with a lovely new workspace. As I’m daydreaming the possibilities and my creative spirit takes over, I am also reflective… When I look at who I was one year ago. Two years ago. Ten years ago. And who I am today, I am simply not the same. Each new day I am a changed person. My artwork, my craft, has also evolved into new things. What was once a hobby and a pastime has taken a paramount place in my life. Making art for money was once a bucket list entry I was never entirely sure I would be checking off. Funny how things line up perfectly. Change, something typically feared by many people including me, has become something I am fond of. Something I have grown to invite and welcome. My creative process has evolved from planning a project and creating it perfectly as planned to- I don’t have a plan other than to create. My skills are more precise. I am noticing that it is a little more effortless to turn my ideas into creations. I am trying new mediums and allowing myself to be bad at them. There’s a new nomadic spirit in me that is taking my once small ideas of who I am and what is possible and making them infinite. 

As nature evolves and fall approaches, we are making some changes to  Some kind of nature thing. I am trusting the process of change. Allowing my creative palate to grow into whatever it is meant to become. It’s an exciting time. 

I hope if you are reading this and facing your own evolutions you will embrace them. It’s okay to start where you are.  


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LEAF Festival- Asheville, NC 2015

   Some kind of nature thing traveled to the lovely, artsy town of Asheville North Carolina for the LEAF festival  this weekend. I have always heald a special place for this city in my heart; it’s culture and art scene inspired me from an early age. This was my first experience being physically present with the wander Trees. I have determined it to be top of my list of the most incredible experiences of my life. Although My artwork has been traveling to venues all over with the Wander Trees for several months, being present, Connecting and sharing and appreciating art and people was truly priceless. We met old people and young people. People form every walk of life… What inspired me and almost overwhelmed me the most was what brought us all to the same place was the love for art. We were all there to celebrate artistic freedom. Makers of every craft came out to share their passions… It was a surreal experience to see people appreciating my original ideas. My creations. And sharing with them the process that brought each creation to life. As an artist, this was the defining moment of success for me. It even more solidified that what I am doing at this moment in my life is exactly what I am supposed to be doing and my soul is at home. I hope that whatever your art is, whatever makes your soul dance inside you body, you will trust the process and keep it alive. Start where you are.


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Trusting the Process

As an Artist, THE most important thing that one must learn is to Trust the process. Matter-of-factly, in most everything that we do as humans, trusting the process opens us up to unlimited possibilities. It is important to be gentle, patient with ourselves. To speak kindly to ourselves and love ourselves fully. The exact same is true for making artwork. My inner critic starts to chime in some times. There are times when I am frustrated because my hands cannot do what my mind is visualizing. Or the paint is too fluid or too thick and it “messes up” my entire piece. If I can be mindful, and push past this to be able to take a deep breath, center and trust the process… I find the therapeutic benefits of art. I find that the brush takes on it’s own spirit and I am simply there to observe and see the wonders of what is happening on the paper. I made a quick time lapse video of me painting some florals, mostly just to play around with the technological capabilities… I have watched it over and over in wonder. See the creation magically come to life on the paper. I watched my own hands going through the artistic watercolor process. And where once lay a white blank page, was now a small creation. There was no specific way to do the florals. No wrong way- this way or that way. It was simply picking the brush up and allowing myself to create.

I believe that life is a process in itself. And if we are paying the right amount of attention at the right time, it brings us opportunities. Some kind of nature thing itself is an opportunity that came to life. I have been given the opportunity to join a group of upcoming creatives called “The Wander Trees”. We are all young artists finding our places in the world. We are passionate about art and nature and love and sharing all of these things with the world. We will be traveling to festivals and giving back to the community. All of the great things that an artist can truly hope to be involved in. I feel so blessed and so grateful to be a part of something so magical. Trusting the process that we can all bring our talents and make a difference. Life does not expect us to go out and move mountains by ourselves always…We just have to be ready to go all in when the opportunity comes to us.

trail days s s east west Artist_SigLine (1)

I am enjoying this beautiful journey. I am challenging myself as an artist and trying new things. We are working on some game art for our second mobile app coming soon; It feels a little bit like walking in really high heels. Using markers and colored pencil instead of watercolor. I am reminded of how comfortable we can often get in our lives. And how exciting trying new things can be. I have also been making some jewelry and playing with beading and wrapping stones. Creativity is unfolding and I am just allowing it… Seeing where it can take me. It’s when I remove myself and my own expectations that I am most successful in my artwork and making: It’s not about me.  My recent obsession is perfecting my hand lettering and making greeting cards. I am absolutely the biggest fan of a greeting card. What could possibly be more thoughtful than taking your thoughts and writing them down for someone you care about? I have been creating several new greeting cards and plan to add them to the shop very soon.

We are on our way to the sea in two days! Spending 12 days there. WE need to spend some time with the sun and let the saltwater wash our spirits for a while. I am excited to see what the new scenery will do for my creative spirit. Look for some nautical creations soon! I hope that each of you spend some time creating and let go and trust the process in your own lives.

Peace & Love,


Time Lapse Painting:


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Summer Dreaming



Summer time is the best time for day dreaming. I have found myself doing a lot of this; I have also made the decision not to quit my daydream. I want to create for myself a life that I do not need a vacation from. We set out with a small goal and have taken it so far already. The goal was to make make art and share it. And here we are. I am not sure were these dreams will take us in the days ahead but I do know that we are going forward in the direction of our dreams. We are living the life that we have dreamed for ourselves. Creativity flows freely in our home and in exchange adventure flows freely in our lives. Be it playing at the lake or wandering in the trees or simply taking a new creative approach and learning new things. Being an artist has taught me that anything is possible. While I have yet to find that magic lamp that gives me wishes to make those dreams come true, I have learned that I can dream catch if I do the work. I hope that you will find some inspiration for your own lives this summer. That the magic of extra sunlight and being bare-footed will spark some imagination and creativity. Create some things, try something new, make a 5 year plan. It is yours. I am calling all you dreamers… Don’t you wake up!new art       To have a look at what I have been doing, Click here:               one love to another

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Trail Days 2015

Some Kind of Nature thing is off to Trail Days! There is no greater celebration of nature and peace than the Appalachian trail! Weather you have hiked 5 miles of it or have accomplished the entire 2,200 miles; it changes you. It brings you centered and allows you to simplify  and connect with nature. My artwork is reflective of my time spent in the woods. I don’t waste a lot of time on fine details or filling the whole page with color, simplifying and allowing you, the viewer, to complete the creation with what you see. When I think of the woods, I think of the smell of moss and the sounds of a distant creek or the harmony of birds. I hear the ruffling of leaves and tree branches moving together. All of these simple gifts nature gives to us- and if we are in too much of a hurry, we miss them. My goal as an artist is to reawaken that simplicity and love for nature that lies within us.

Trail days 2015 will begin Friday (May 15). I am very proud to say that my prints & greeting cards will be available at the Wander Trees tent. If you are festing this weekend, stop by and explore! Happy Trails!